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National Safety Passport Training

Fast Pass Online and Offline Safety Passport Training Course

Developed with assistance from the HSE's guidelines for High Hazard Safety Passport Card accreditation to INDG381 compliant Health, Safety & Environment HSE training. The National Safety Passport is the fastest and most convenient route to the Safety Passport qualification.

The National Safety Passport is an interactive eLearning training course designed to deliver the entry qualification to the Essential Minimum Safety Standard (EMSS) Safety Passport Scheme.

The Safety Passport training can be access via two routes, online and offline (using the Flashdrive edition). Both use advanced media rich training with an easy to use system you have come to expect from the National Safety Passport eLearning courseware.

Our Safety Passport training is rapidly becoming the number one choice for all industries accessing high hazard industrial locations that demand the best levels of Safety Passport Card accreditation.

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Safety Passport 'Live Auditing' Tool

audit or verify a National Safety Passport Card holder anytime, anywhere

This unique mini-app tool can be used to audit or verify a safety passport holders qualification by testing the knowledge of the passport holder with a series of randomly generated questions found in the National Safety Passport training application.

If you wish to audit a safety passport card holder click on the banner to launch the test.

Free Safe Use of Vehicles App

The number of work related injuries involving vehicles has doubled since 2005 according to Health & Safety Executive (HSE) studies.

This has unfortunately included a number of fatalities. With this in mind the National Safety Passport would like to offer this FREE 'Safe Use of Vehicles' application and short validation in the hope that it can help raise awareness and reduce the occurrences of vehicle related occupational injury.

In any workplace nothing is so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.